Thursday, August 19, 2010

Older and Wimpier

Tummy time…


Today was Harpers 1 week appointment with his doctor and I've been dreading it all week. I wasn't exactly sure what they were going to have to do to him other than his second PKU, and that alone was making me anxious. I'm glad Tony was able to go to the appointment with me because I was pretty stressed. I always worry about how the baby is going to react, how I'm going to react, if the baby's been fed recently enough that I won't have to do it in the doctor's office, I pretty much just drive myself crazy.

We got to the office and of course the little guy was sound asleep. When we got into the room, the nurse came in to take his weight, (which, of course, he had to be completely naked for and really makes him unhappy) temperature, length, and head circumference.

Everything checked out, and his stats are as follows:

  1. Weight: 7lbs. 10oz., which is up two ounces since his last appointment when he was only 3 days old.
  2. Length: 21 inches, up 1 1/4 inches since birth.

I've already forgotten what his head circumference was...guess I'll need to find that out at his next appointment!

(Can you remember, Tony?)

Right after we got his diaper back on, the doctor came in and it was off with the diaper again for a thorough exam. The only concern I had was regarding the amount of jaundice he still has (mostly noticeable in his eyes), but the doctor said everything looked normal for his age. He was a bit more concerned about the minimal increase in weight, but said now that my milk is in and the baby is eating/peeing/pooping regularly we should see more progress. So, we'll just keep up what we are doing, which is eating at a constant rate right now!

After the doctor left the nurse came back in to wrap his foot in a warm diaper so that when she pricked his heel the blood would flow easier. After a few minutes, she came back and while Tony held him upright, she pricked his little heel and worked it so the blood would flow easily. Harper isn't much of a crier, so when he does cry, it breaks my heart; I mean it took all I had not to cry with him. It was way more painful for me to listen to that I thought it would be...hence the title to my post! I know that these tests are necessary, but that certainly doesn't make them any easier to go through.

His next appointment is for when he turns 1 month, I suppose I have a whole month to agonize over it! :)

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