Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ages and Stages

A couple of days ago someone was admiring Harper and they asked me if I preferred the infant stage or the stages my older kids were at.

My first thought was that I preferred these first few months of infancy, because they are so fleeting. But, as I really had time to really think about the question, I realized that each stage/age is wonderful, just in different ways.

Here’s a short list of the things that I think are great about each of my kids ages:

Zoe (15):

  • Obviously Zoe is very independent at this stage of her life. I love that she is so self motivated and has the stamina to get through all the activities that she does.
  • Great sense of humor. Sometimes, we just crack each other up. She tells me some of the funniest stories! For instance, yesterday was senior toga day at school, and the principal got on the overhead and stated that everyone (hopefully she was only talking to boys!) needed to cover their “chest buttons”! I was almost rolling on the floor I thought that was so funny! I mean really? Chest buttons?
  • Helpfulness. Sometimes, when I am in my room folding laundry, Zoe will come in and help me. Without me asking. I don’t always remember to thank her for her help, but it is nice that she helps just because she wants to, and I really do appreciate it.

Landon (9):

  • Independence. Landon isn’t as independent as Zoe (he still needs help here and there) but he’s moving in the right direction. He puts away his laundry, makes his bed, takes care of the dog in the morning, and does it all without being asked. (For the most part anyways!)
  • Funny. He says some of the funniest stuff! Last week, he was watching a little of the VMA’s with me and when Lady Gaga came on, he said “She must be from a different state!”. He always says things must be from a different state if he thinks they’re strange!
  • Landon is at that stage in his life where he isn’t sure if he wants to be a big kid or a little kid. He’s leaning towards big kid, but every once in awhile he wants to act younger. Like when he grabs my hand when we walk to the bus stop in the morning…and because I know I won’t have that opportunity much longer, I hold on extra tight.

Harper (6 weeks):

  • Total dependence on me. I love that he needs me to take care of his every need. I am happy to do everything I can to keep him safe, warm and happy.
  • His smiles. He is so happy to see me. He just smiles his giant toothless smiles and coos and it is enough to melt my heart. Every. Single. Time.
  • It’s fun to introduce him to new things. Just a couple days ago I pulled out a small rattle that lights up when you shake it, and even though he’s too young to really care about it, he was very interested and watched it for the longest time.

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Anonymous said...

I sometimes ask people if it gets easier when their kids get older (being a parent),and they always laugh at me and say no... that this stage that I am at is easiest. That they'd give anything to have their teens be little again because they are now surly backtalkers with expensive taste.

I'm glad to read that you are enjoying them, however old they are, for who they are, where they are at right now. I, too, look at all the positive and happy things my little ones bring into my life, and focus on those. :-)

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