Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Wheels!

It finally happened.

Our little Hyundai Accent died today. Tony said he knew it was going to happen any day now and today on his way to work it overheated and that was the end of the little car that could.

We’ve had that little car for 11 years and it has some crazy mileage on it. Something in the realm of 160,000+, so it’s been a good car. It’s actually been so good, we went looking for another Accent to replace it. Tony wanted to upgrade to a 4 door model though, and he was excited about having air conditioning again (the air in the old car gave out at the beginning of the summer). He also has handles on all the doors again, so that’s a plus! :)

Tony, Harper and I went on a test drive in one of the Accent’s and while we thought the car was nice, the backseat just didn’t have enough room to accommodate Harper’s car seat without Tony’s knees being in his chest. So, he tested out the Elantra and found that it was a little roomier…and they were happy to sell it to us for EXACTLY the same price as the Accent! Win-Win!!


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