Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Homecoming 2010

Because I’m so scatter brained lately, I forgot to get a picture of Zoe on Homecoming night by herself. So, here she is with her friend right before the dance.

The two of them looked stunning!


Zoe’s homecoming was this past Saturday. That girl loves any chance she can get to wear a cute dress and jewelry, and a little more makeup than usual. 

I was her makeup artist, Theresa did her hair, and she somehow managed to get dressed on her own! :) She looked beautiful, as you can see from the photo’s.

I just have to write that the dress she’s wearing was originally $75.00, but we got it for $18.00. Yes, I said $18.00!! The necklace she’s wearing cost more than the dress, but it was fine with me since we saved so much money on the dress!


Diana Joy said...

She looks so pretty and yes; great price on the dress. tfs.

Amanda said...

She's lovely! Jon and I ended up at a restaurant for his birthday that also happened to be hosting two schools' homecoming dinner reservations... That was last Saturday too. Must have been the day for it! We heard the hostess say "Sarah, party of 25!" Yikes!

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