Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Year, New Instrument


Last year was Landon’s first year playing an instrument in school. The choices they have are pretty limited so he ended up choosing the viola. He didn’t hate playing the viola, but he never really loved it either.


This year, since he’s now a big 4th grader with a year of band under his belt, there were more instrument options that they kids could choose from and Landon decided on the trumpet. He is so excited about getting to try out the trumpet and pulls it out every day just to play with it a little bit. I’m hoping his enthusiasm will last a little longer with this instrument than it did with the last.


I have to admit though, that even with all his practicing, it still just sounds like he’s making farting noises through a mouthpiece. (He’s only had one band class so far!) Hopefully his teacher will be able to get him past that point pretty quickly! :)

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Amanda said...

Just the other night Brooke was playing her trumpet at the dinner table. I didn't realize it and I said, "Brooke stop farting!" How funny! This is her first year also, it can only go up.

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