Thursday, October 14, 2010


It has become routine that Landon and Harper have a little time together in the morning while I get things going in the morning. While Landon watches Sponge Bob, Harper lies next to him watching what his big brother is doing and stretches his legs. Landon will hold his hand and stop to talk to him every once in awhile and Harper rewards him with a coo and smile…it’s incredibly sweet.


This picture got me thinking about our lives and how basic routines are such an integral part of a smooth family life; at least for my family.

When I think back to what life was like before Harper the only thing that really stands out is how routine our lives had become. I wouldn’t say our lives were boring or lacking in any way, but we had all just settled into our lives, everything running according to plan.

Now that Harper is part of our lives, we’ve had to give up a lot of our old expectations and routines. Since we are such creatures of habit it has been a little tough, but I am beginning to see new routines emerging.

Out of all of us I think Zoe’s schedule has probably changed the least. Her life is so busy there really isn’t room for change. She goes to school, then soccer practice or game, then home in time to do homework and sleep before it all starts back over again. Landon’s life has changed too, but mostly he has just had to become a little more independent. Not a lot different than before, but I just expect him to try to help himself before asking me to do something for him. Tony gets up one of the 2-3 times Harper may get up in the middle of the night, so I think Tony’s biggest adjustment has been getting less sleep…that, or having less time to play whatever video game he’s currently into. :)

My schedule change has been pretty dramatic. Last year at this time I was volunteering quite a few hours at Landon’s school. I had tons of time to work on scrapbooking projects. My house was always pretty much in order, (which is a far cry from what I would say about my house right now!) and life was just moving along. Now I’m always playing catch up. Catching up on sleep, t.v. shows, laundry, blogging, cleaning the bathrooms etc.

When I’m not catching up, I’m attempting to be “in the moment”. I am trying to enjoy all the complexities of our daily lives like Zoe’s soccer games, Landon’s spelling words, Harpers cooing and smiles, and Tony’s tales of life at work. All those bits and pieces of life that seem to slip through the cracks are the one’s I’m attempting to cherish because I know that all of these things that make my life what it is today could change at any given time and will change as we all grow as a family.

So, no matter whether my day goes off without a hitch or hits a few unexpected bumps along the way, I am finding beauty at every turn.

Life is good.

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