Friday, October 15, 2010

Landon’s Room Remodel

It took awhile, but Landon’s room is finally getting some much needed attention. My biggest dilemma for his room was finding the right kind of shelving to hold all his “stuff”, and man does he have some “stuff”!

We finally found what we were looking for at Ikea:


See all his “stuff”? The bottom two shelves are holding all his very important Lego creations, while the top two shelves have his trophies, piggy banks, and a couple of toys. The shelves are already looking a little too busy, but I do have plans for a few of those things…just haven’t been able to get around to it yet.

Here are a few pictures of the rest of his almost finished room.

His bed and the skateboarder wall art that Meme gave us:


His dresser and art work he made in school:


Bookcase and writing board:


We are all really happy with the way his room is turning out. Now I just need to get him some curtains…but, I also found a really cute new comforter set I’d like to get him. One day at a time, right!?!

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BusyB said...

LOOKS GREAT!!! what great way to organize!

-Happy friday!

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