Friday, November 5, 2010

84 Days

This little boy is growing like crazy.


He is totally aware of what’s going on around him and more alert than ever. He’s still happiest in the mornings, but he tends to be pretty happy in general; unless we don’t get him his bottle quick enough!


Just within the past two days he’s discovered his hands, and it’s funny to catch him looking at them with such disbelief. He kind of looks at his hands with a look on his face like he can’t figure out where they came from, and then tries to get them to his mouth before they vanish again; sometimes with success other times he whacks himself in the cheek or eye instead. 


He loves when we stop what we’re doing to talk to him. He’ll be completely still for a second and then he’ll start kicking those little chubby legs like crazy. He coo’s back when talked to, and sometimes lets out some high pitched screeches. He’s also very ticklish on his tummy and under his chin, and is very close to letting out a belly laugh which I cannot wait to hear!

1 comment:

Amanda said...

He's so precious, Angela! Thanks for sharing the photos with us!

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