Monday, November 1, 2010

All Dressed Up

Landon’s costume didn’t require makeup this year, but because it’s Halloween, we figured why not? When it came time to apply the makeup, Tony and I were busy doing 4 thousand other things so it became Zoe’s job.


Here’s the finished product:


He wore his hood and mask while he trick-or-treated, so no one even saw his painted face, but I think Zoe enjoyed painting it nonetheless! Before it got too dark I was able to get one picture of Tony, Landon and Harper, and its still blurry!


And, if your wondering why Zoe isn’t in the picture it’s because she didn’t decide until about 2 minutes before we left that she was going to walk with us. She ended up throwing on the mask she wore last year…and then struck a pose or two:



Tony’s brother and his family came over to walk the neighborhood with us. Here are a few pictures of them all dressed up and ready to trick or treat:

Kitty Cat


Thing 2, The Masked Girl and Boy


The Masked Ones


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