Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Turkey Trot/Poult Bolt

This past Saturday our family participated in a 5K run/walk to benefit Toys for Tots. It was a first for all of us, and I think everyone did a really great job!


Before the 5K began, they had a short run for kids 8 and under called the Poult Bolt. Because Landon’s 9 I didn’t sign him up for the bolt, but when we got there they told us it was fine if he too wanted to run…so he did!


He came in third place, and man was he pooped! It’s funny because when we first got there he was having a bit of a fit because we told him he couldn’t run the 5K and he’d have to walk with us. He was going on and on about how unfair it was that Zoe got to run it and then after his short sprint around the field he was telling me he thought he was going to throw up! He also had absolutely no idea how long 3.2 miles was and barely made it walking!


Zoe did end up running almost the entire thing and she finished in about 25 minutes. It took the rest of us about an hour and 10 minutes to finish, but we were pushing the stroller through grass most of the way and that was no easy task! Tony even ended up carrying Harper the last leg because he was being jostled around so much in his stroller!


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