Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Be Merry

In the scrapbook world, banners are a big trend. Or, maybe it would be wiser to say they were a trend since I haven’t exactly been keeping up with scrapbooking lately and have no idea when the banner craze started!

But, trendy or not, I decided I wanted to make a couple for Christmas.


The photo doesn’t really do the banner any justice and it looks a lot better in real life; in my opinion anyways. This was the first banner I made and it took several attempts to get it the way I wanted it. I’m happy with the end result though, and realized in the process that I liked things to be pretty simple.

Here is the second banner I made:



I was able to whip this one together pretty quickly. I made the little mistletoe, wreath and candlestick with my Cricut, as well as the letters on both banners. These were so easy to make and I was able to use mostly scrap paper and embellishments I had on hand to make them.

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