Wednesday, December 8, 2010

O Christmas Tree(s)


I know I’ve already posted a few photo’s of us decorating our tree, but I never did post a picture of the end result. Please disregard the presents under the tree…I know it’s ridiculous that there are already a couple under there and it’s only the 8th, but once I get Tony’s gifts here I gotta wrap them quick!

Anyways, back to the tree. I’m happy with how the it looks this year. Usually we try to put all those ornaments on our old 7 foot tree and it looks crazy, but with the extra 2 feet it doesn’t look half bad! We actually used every ornament we had and I don’t feel like it’s all too overwhelming.

But, since I decided to keep our old tree too, I had to get some new ornaments for it. I found a big bucket of 100 ornaments at Sams club for around $35 and it was enough for the whole tree. I just added a little “snow” to the branches and it was done!


Both kids asked me if there would be presents under both, but I assured them that wouldn’t be the case!

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