Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Birds!

It is painfully cold here today. The wind is blowing like crazy and with the temperature only being around 19 degrees, it feels much colder! We’ve been having flurries on and off since yesterday and yesterday morning there was just enough to leave a fine dusting on the deck.


When Landon saw the snow blowing around out there he could hardly contain his excitement. He asked me if I was sure there was still going to be school, and had I bought him snow boots! That boy just loves him some snow! Seeing the snow did put him in a good mood for school though!


With the cold weather we’re experiencing, we are also experiencing another phenomenon. Birds. Lots and lots of black birds. They are everywhere! When they are in my yard and trees, they are extremely loud, and it’s a bit creepy. I tried to get some pictures of all the birds in my front yard this morning, and while you can’t really tell how many are out there, it is A LOT! Hundreds and hundreds of them, all squawking away…creepy.



I’m going to attempt to get better pictures, because these just don’t do the job. Tony says it looks like something from a book or movie Stephen King would write!

1 comment:

Tony said...

Something out of Stephen King's The Dark Half, although I think they are crows in the book.

Or maybe Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds.

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