Wednesday, December 22, 2010

First Bites

Harper is really interested in anything and everything that we have in our hands these days. He attempts to touch or grab whatever he can, and he’s also very observant when we’re eating. He watches us very closely as we put food into our mouths and even gets a little fussy while we’re eating which leads me to believe that he’s getting closer to being ready to eat “real” food.

I saw this adorable high chair in a magazine awhile ago, and when my Mom asked me what I wanted her to get the baby for Christmas I knew exactly what to tell her. As soon as it got here I just had to set it up…I don’t think Harper will be too upset that he doesn’t have anything to open from Meme and Papa on Christmas day!

Anyways, I’m not in any rush to have him eating “food”, but Tony and I did want to see if he was ready, so I bought some rice cereal last week for him to taste:

We’re going to do what?


First taste of rice cereal.


What did you just put in my mouth?


He actually did really well for his first time but he didn’t seem to care for the taste. He didn’t push the cereal out with his tongue which is a good sign, but I think we’re going to wait another week or so before we try again. I’m really not in any hurry and wouldn’t mind holding off on this until he was closer to 6 months, but at the same time I’m trying to pay attention to clues that he’s ready.

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