Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gift Exchange

Last Saturday night, we all went over to Chris and Lori’s house to visit and let the kids exchange their Christmas gifts.

They gave Zoe a necklace and a zip-up sweatshirt.


Landon got a $25 gift card to Best Buy…and he was too busy playing to stop for a second so that I could get a picture.

I gave Travis and Lauren movie tickets and a box of Mike and Ike’s each. I’m never sure what to get them, but I figured most teenagers like going to the movies…I sure hope they were happy with them!



We got Lea an electronic book/toy. She was much more interested in Harpers diaper bag though! Hopefully she’ll grow to like it!


They got Harper a Busy Ball Popper, which is super cute! He’s a little young for it yet, but he too will grow into it!


Lori has this little snowman with antlers that plays music and sways back and forth, and Harper just loved it! She played it for him several times and he just loved watching that little toy!



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