Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kiersten’s Visit

My step-daughter Kiersten has been visiting with us this week. She brought Zoe and Landon Auburn University t-shirts, and I wanted to get pictures of them all wearing their shirts.

I got lots of pictures of them together, but the only one’s that aren’t blurry are the one’s that either Landon or Harper are looking silly. So, I’ll share those…cuz’ boys like looking silly anyways!

  • I have no idea what Landon’s doing, but Harper is trying to grab the Auburn sweatshirt we threw over him so he’d match. Apparently he didn’t like the idea.


  • In the next one, everyone is looking my way without anything too strange going on (Landon’s fake/weird smile is kind of strange…), and it’s blurry. Go figure.


  • This one is cute, but Zoe says she looks strange because of how she’s standing. I think it’s kind of cute, myself!


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