Thursday, December 16, 2010

Band Concert


Last week was Landon’s first chorus concert of the year, and this past Tuesday was his first band concert since he’s switched to trumpet. He’s been having a difficult time with the trumpet this year though, so he wasn’t really looking forward to playing in front of an audience. At first he said he couldn’t blow hard enough to get the sound out, now he says he can’t remember the notes. I’m torn between letting him quit or making him finish out the school year.


Anyways, the concert was great, and as usual, Landon did a terrific job. Once he got to the school and saw all his friends, he got excited and was happy to be a part of the show.


Before the band played, the strings had about 7 or 8 songs to do, so I took some pictures. Surprised?

First we have Harper “Crazy Hair” baby flying through the air:


A cute one of Zoe:


And, finally, Kiersten holding Harper:


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