Friday, December 31, 2010

On Our Way…

I am about to post a few photo heavy blogs just to get them up before the New Year becomes official…I’ve found that having a 4 month old in the house eats up most of my free time, can you imagine?

Dad and Zoe on the Metro heading into DC for the White House tour. Can you tell it was cold outside?


Mom playing around on the Metro.


We found this cool barbell to pose with once we got out of the train station.





The Treasury Department.


Giant Nutcrackers.


The other side of the Treasury Department. The building is HUGE!!


There were so many things to take pictures of, unfortunately we were practically running in order to make our 3:30 tour time. I’d love to head back down to DC next year just to take pictures of all the decorated buildings lit up at night.

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