Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bored? Play a Game!

We are a board game playing family.

We always have been.

For Christmas this year we picked up two new games, Funglish and Scribblish.


We’ve played both and they’re both pretty fun. In Funglish, one person draws a card with a list of words on it. They then try to get everyone else to guess what their word is by placing descriptive words on a board under the headings Definitely, Kind of or Not.


So, for example, if you pull the word eagle you could put the word flying on the Definitely space or Human on the Not space…get it?


While Funglish is fun, Scribblish is hilarious. It is basically the telephone game (you know the one where you whisper “I ate a hot dog for breakfast” in someone’s ear but by the time it makes it around an entire group of people you get something like “I met a frog princess”) on paper. I won’t go into great detail about how to play this game (because I don’t even know where to begin to explain!) but I will tell you that the two times we’ve played it I laughed myself to tears!

Both games are awesome because we can all play them and everyone gets it. Neither are too hard for Landon or too babyish for Zoe. The other great thing about them is that neither of them are so taxing that we can’t also entertain Harper at the same time.


And he appreciates that.


fataverde said...

my name is ana and i saw you have tha game funglish. unfortunately this game is not available to buy in my city (romania, bucharest) and i reeeeaaaly want to play it with my family. so this is where my big request comes: if you could send me some pictures with the detailes of the game, the 120 descriptive tiles and the 50 cards, so that i can print them and play the game, it would be really great.
i hope to hear an answer from you, even if it is yes or no.
thank you in advance,

Angela V. said...

Hi Ana! Funglish is a terrific game and I'd be happy to help you. Can you order the game from Do they ship to Bucharest? If not, I'd be willing to try to send you the game myself...I'd just need to know your address and I'd have to find it at a store around here.


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