Sunday, January 23, 2011

Zoe’s Sweet 16 (Finally!)


A little more than a year ago I asked Zoe what she wanted to do for her Sweet 16 birthday party and she told me that she’d like to take one friend and go skiing instead of having a party with a bunch of people. Because December is just so incredibly busy for all of us, we waited until now to take her on her trip.

So, here we are, enjoying a little mini-vacation at Massanutten resort in Virginia. We’ve owned time share here since 1997 (I think) and we visit quite often. Normally we come in the summer, but we have been here a few times in the winter, for skiing and tubing.

We left our house when the kids got off the bus on Friday and made it here at about 5pm. That night all we did was grab some food at Woodstone Deli, and then came back to the room to play a round of Scribblish, which was hilarious as usual!

Saturday morning we made the kiddo’s get up so that we could eat breakfast at the Thunderbird Café. It’s freezing cold up here in the mountains, so we all got mugs of hot cocoa which really hit the spot!


This is Nicole, the friend that Zoe decided to bring along.


And, this is about as happy as Landon gets in the morning.


The restaurant has an old diner feel to it, but updated…know what I mean? There’s a long bar where you can sit and sip your coffee, or huge booths that easily accommodate 6-8 people. There are also little stars hanging from the entryway…and those caught Harper eye, so Tony let him play with them a little while we were waiting on our food.


After breakfast we headed out to Wal-Mart to get a few necessities like frozen pizza and Cap’n Crunch and to search for some ski pants for Zoe. We looked at Target, Wal-Mart, and Kohls before finally seeing a big sign that said SKI on it. There were several pairs of ski pants to choose from…if you didn’t mind forking out $150-$200 for them! Luckily we found a clearance rack with a pair that fit her perfectly, and for $29.99, they were ours! Once we finally made it back to the resort, I took the kids over to the club for some racquetball…but that’s another post!

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Amanda said...

16!!! I can't believe it! She's a beautiful girl. You should be very proud!

I'm totally going to have to try Scribbish. I've never heard of it but it looks fun! I love board games!!!

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