Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hitting the Slopes

The last day of our mini vacation was spent at the ski lodge. Well, for Tony, Harper and I anyways…the three older kids were busy skiing and snowboarding. Landon decided that he wanted to learn some snowboarding skills so we signed him up for a 4 hour lesson. It turns out that learning to snowboard takes more than one 4 hour session; but I’m not sure a week would have been enough! Snowboarding is tough!





And because Nicole had never been skiing and Zoe hadn’t been in years we signed them up for lessons as well. They had 2 hours of lessons and got really lucky because no one else was in their group!  Zoe and Nicole caught on pretty quick and before we knew it they were riding the ski lifts all over and having a great time on the slopes.






That wraps up Zoe’s birthday weekend. I sure hope it was everything she wanted it to be!

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