Monday, January 24, 2011

Totally Tubular!

Bet you can guess where they’re going.


Unless you decoded my title/hidden message.


The minute the kids saw the tubing hill, they were ready to get out there. The tickets are a bit pricey at $24 for 2 hours, but what the heck, right? Unfortunately the only way to the top of the hill is to ride the conveyor belt that goes approximately 1 mile an hour.

The rules of the belt are:

  • Get on.
  • Stand completely still, walking while in motion is forbidden.
  • Ride upwards to top.
  • Get off.

Because the belt is so sluggish the kids only got to ride down about 5 times in the two hours they were there. And for some strange reason the employee’s decided it was ok to blow snow directly on people as they were tubing down the hill. Landon informed me that it was very unpleasant to get a face full of snow on the 90 mile an hour ride down the slope. But what does he know?

The kids ended up having a good time nonetheless and only quit because they had to.





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Amanda said...

Love it! We're going to Heavenly over President's Day weekend. I'm hoping to have some awesome snow photos too! We're taking the boys too. They've never seen real snow so it will be a special treat to see their excitement.

I can't believe they only got to ride down 5 times in 2 hours!!! Crazy!

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