Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Eve 2011

For the past couple of years we have had homemade pizza and a chocolate fondue dessert for dinner on New Years Eve. This year we substituted store bought pizza for the homemade and skipped the whole fondue thing. Why, you ask? Because Tony didn’t feel like doing all the work it takes to make the dough for the pizza (and there is NO way I’m doing it!) and we forgot to get stuff at the store for fondue.

While Tony and I were totally fine with how things turned out, the kids sure didn’t appreciate it. Zoe was mad we didn’t have homemade pizza, and Landon was bummed about the missing fondue. I guess we’ll have to remember to do it right next year.

Actually, the whole night was kind of a bummer, and I was just glad when it was time to go to bed. We were playing a game of Monopoly and Zoe was super grouchy and being a poor sport, and once I’d had enough of that, I lost my temper and quit playing because I couldn’t stand her attitude. So, we started off the night on a bad note and it was hard to shake. Tony ended up playing a game on his DS while I caught up on all the blogging I needed to do, and the kids sat up watching t.v.

Just minutes before midnight I ran up and got everyone and we all came down for a glass of sparking grape juice while we watched the ball drop. It wasn’t a very festive New Years Eve, but Landon and Zoe got to break open their party poppers and we all toasted before heading up to bed. I sure wish things had been a little different, but shit happens…and I’m hoping it isn’t a sign of the way this year is going to be.



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