Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bowled Over

Zoe and Landon were driving me crazy with their constant bickering this afternoon, so Tony and I packed everyone up and we went to the bowling alley for a couple hours.










Tony and I had a great time but it sure didn’t stop Zoe and Landon from their arguing or complaining.

Landon was having a little fit because he kept getting gutter balls (so he asked me to put up the rails, which I did, but then complained about that because he was afraid he was going to see someone from school and that they were going to call him a baby because he needed the gutter guards…I can’t win!!), Zoe is grounded so that’s all she keeps thinking/talking/complaining about it, and they both were a bit whiney which got annoying. Thankfully, Harper was really good for us and enjoyed watching everything that was happening around him. When he got bored of sitting in his seat, we all took turns holding him and he was as good as gold.

I think next time Tony and I want to get the kids to quit bickering we’ll just go out and do something on our own and leave them home to figure it out! It just doesn’t seem like anything we do works.

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Tony said...

Where is that picture of my awesome score?

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