Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spring Fashion Show

It snowed here a little bit on Tuesday and since we’d already been stuck in the house pretty much since Friday, we made a trip to the mall. We didn’t really have a reason to go, but Zoe decided she wanted to spend some of her gift cards and Christmas money on new clothes for spring. She didn’t get a whole lot, but I made her do a little fashion show so that I could take pictures of what she did get.

The first outfit is from NY&Company. She saw the entire outfit on a mannaquin and just had to have it. (I think the flip flops are from Target, but I’m not positive.)


The top in the next photo is from Forever 21 and probably my favorite of the day.


This top is also from Forever 21, and we both thought it was super cute too.


Finally, this outfit we found at Target a couple weeks ago, but it is also meant for when the weather gets a little warmer. I feel like it needs some color…maybe a red belt or scarf or something…but, I do think it’s cute!


Now we’re just waiting for some warmer weather to get here. Shouldn’t be much longer!

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