Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Z & H


Zoe and I just loved the shirt that Harper was wearing yesterday. It’s kind of “big boy” looking, and to us, Harper is still such a little boy. I mean, he is a little boy at only 6 months, but his clothes are getting more big boy looking. Got that?

So, anyways, I grabbed the camera and started shooting away…

This one cracks Zoe up because his cheek looks gigantic! It looks like he can’t hold his head up because it’s dragging him down! Or, he’s trying to get her hair in his mouth, which is much more likely.


This one makes me laugh because it looks like he’s surprised to see her there behind him.


But, I like these best because she was playing Mr. Lion with him, and making him giggle…and I love watching their relationship bloom.




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