Monday, February 7, 2011

What’s Up, Doc?

Harper is getting close to 6 months, and that means he will probably be getting some teeth pretty soon. He did really well with the carrots last week and I’m going to try some peaches tonight. I think he’ll like those too. I don’t see any indications of teeth yet other than his constant need to have something in his mouth…but then that could just be because he’s a curious baby, who knows.


He isn’t real fond of plastic teethers for some reason. I’ve picked up several kinds, smooth, textured, large and small and I’ve refrigerated them as well as kept them room temperature, but he just doesn’t seem to care for any of them. Then one day a week or so ago I remembered what we used to give Zoe when her gums seemed to be bothering her.

A carrot.


And he loves it.


He’ll sit at the table while we’re eating dinner and happily gnaw on his little carrot until it’s all drippy, slimy and gross, and when he’s finished, he throws it across the table or on the floor and does his best to get some of whatever we’re eating.


And when that doesn’t work, he’ll grab whatever’s available. Like drawstrings.

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