Sunday, March 6, 2011

Greenhouse Gardening

Since this will be our first spring in this house, we are eager to start our garden. We have so much area to fill, and both the front and back yards need some serious work.

We found this little greenhouse at Lowes for about $40.00 and we thought we’d try growing flowers from seed instead of buying them from Lowes and Home Depot. Not only is it cheaper, but we can start much earlier!

So, today in the pouring rain, we all went out to the gazebo and got started.


Tony getting all the supplies out.


Painted Daisy, Foxglove, Morning Glory, Scabiosa, Cosmos and Dianthus to start.


Landon was by far the most excited to start this project. He has asked us when we would plant the seeds every day since we bought the greenhouse.


Zoe helped to plant the seeds, but then her job was to write all the information on each container of seed.


Here’s the little greenhouse full of tiny cups of dirt and seed. We are going to have to go pick up some more seed because it just doesn’t feel like we got much. I’m sure picking out more flowers won’t be a problem!

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