Monday, March 7, 2011

Landon’s New Toy

Mr. Harper is getting really heavy these days, but that doesn’t stop Landon from picking him up and dragging him all over. It’s the cutest thing to watch Landon carrying Harper around because Harper isn’t used to it and always pulls back to look at Landon’s face…which then makes Landon die laughing. It’s kind of like Harper is Landon’s new toy, and Harper sure doesn’t seem to mind!

Here’s a little video of the two of them:

Landon has discovered that he can stand Harper in front of his ball toy and Harper will laugh and squeal and jump around like crazy. I got some pictures of the two of them this morning because they are just so sweet together.




I hope Landon will always enjoy playing with Harper and that they’ll become great friends. Now if I could just get Zoe and Landon to get along things would be perfect!

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