Monday, March 14, 2011

Switching Boys

We had some beautiful weather this weekend. I believe it got into the 60’s but I wouldn’t really know for sure because I was out in it all weekend and never stopped to check what the temp actually was!

I promised Landon that I’d take him over to the field by the pool to practice baseball, and he asked me every hour on the hour beginning at 8 am when we were going. Finally, after doing 4 million other things I promised myself I’d do, we headed over to the field.

Tony didn’t want to be left out, so he decided to take Harper on a walk while we were tossing the ball back and forth. When he came our way, he and I switched boys…and I got a few pictures of them playing ball.

Pop Fly


Got it!


Tony being Tony


Landon talking to dad


And, I also got a few of Harper enjoying his time outside in his stroller.



Zoe was out walking the dog, and I would have gotten a few pictures of her too, but she was mad at us, so I spared her…this time.

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Tony said...

Why I gotta be me, and why is that picture on here?

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