Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another Rainy Saturday

This past weekend we had another rainy Saturday, so we ended up just staying home and doing our thing. Or things, really.


Zoe and I worked on my sisters wedding invitations. We couldn’t do too much because we are waiting for the details to be finalized, but we did get the hardest part done, and she and I both felt great about that!


Harper took long luxurious naps, and was in a terrific mood all weekend. I think he knows the secret to happiness is a good rest. Now if we could/would all do that!


Landon and Tony played this game, and I ‘m pretty sure Landon won. For some reason, when I went downstairs to take pictures, those two started acting up…


and Tony ended up getting a big smooch on the cheek. Harper just sat on his sissy’s lap playing with Nerf bullets. He didn’t know what to think about me sticking them between his toes, but in true Harper form, he didn’t let it bother him too much.


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