Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sittin’ in a Tree

There is something about this tree that just draws people to it.

I swear it just begs to be climbed.


Every time we go down to the Tidal Basin, there are people taking pictures of this tree. Sometimes with their loved ones sitting in it, sometimes not. But, I guarantee you this tree has had it’s photo taken more than most celebrities.

Landon noticed it right away, and couldn’t wait to climb on it. We were on our way over to see the cherry blossoms around the water, so we made him hurry, but I did manage to get this cool shot with the Washington Monument behind him.


On the way back, we stopped at the tree again, and this time we let Landon climb a little and then Zoe decided to hop up there too.



And then Harper started going on about how unfair it was that they got to sit in the tree, so we plopped him up there too.



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