Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Baseball is Consuming Our Lives!

This past Sunday was another long day spent running errands and a late afternoon baseball game.

Landon is doing great considering he is playing for two teams. He generally doesn’t complain about going to games or practice and he’s always asking us to go out and let him pitch or practice batting. His weakest area in baseball is batting. He’s great in the field and really knows what to do in different scenarios, but batting is hard for him. He’s always had a tough time with it, but ever since he got hit in the face this season, it’s just made it that much worse.


Every once in awhile he strikes out, sometimes he’ll get a walk and occasionally he’ll get a hit. Once he’s on base though, look out! He’s always looking for a chance to steal!


This weekend we have a tournament and he’ll be playing a double header on Saturday and he’ll have a third game on Sunday. I suppose how well his team does will determine if they will have another game on Sunday, but either way, it’s going to be a lot of hours spent out on those fields!

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