Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spring Chorus Concert

Tonight was Landon’s spring chorus concert. I’ve been looking forward to going about as much as he’s been loathing it. The program began at 7pm and only last about 20 minutes, (they sang 7 songs) so it was short and sweet. My favorite song of the night was “50 Nifty United States”. I can remember when Kiersten was little and came to our house singing that song, and years later Zoe learned it in elementary chorus, and now Landon…so, its just got a special place in my heart…

A quick picture before heading in to the crappy lighting in the cafeteria:


He isn’t the most cooperative kid when it comes to getting his photo taken in front of a bunch of people, so I just kind of take what I can get:


I’m not sure what he’s pointing at, but of the 15 pictures I took from far away, this is the least blurry!


The school sent home a form to be filled out if we’d like to buy our child a boutonniere for the concert, and of course I thought Landon needed one! He didn’t want it pinned on him though so we just stuck it in his pocket.  It was a nice evening but Landon has no intention of joining chorus again next year, so I think it will be our last. I hate to see these things come to an end because I know it means my baby’s growing up, and it’s just moving way too fast.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Angie - haven't been here in awhile - busy! But I'm cleaning my bookmarks out and came across this - Doesn't your 5th grade chorus to go Kings Dominion? That's the ONLY reason Aiden joined this year :)
Cute pics!

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