Wednesday, May 4, 2011

If a Tree Falls in the Forest…

We’ve been working on our yard pretty much every chance we get. We’ve moved tons of debris, mostly from fallen trees, and just recently we had a company come in and cut down the 4 huge trees on the side of the house. We had them cut because 1) they were 30+ foot pine trees, and 2) they were leaning towards our house…really leaning towards the house just waiting for the right storm to knock them over. (We also had 9 stumps removed, and what a difference!!)

Now I don’t know if you’ve ever watched someone cut down a gigantic tree before, but it is kind of crazy. IMG_5692

He’s probably only 8 feet off the ground in this picture, but he ended up climbing almost to the very top. He’s got some kind of belt around his waist and then his shoes have something on the side of them that he pushes into the tree as he climbs up…and that’s it. Oh, and just to make things more exciting, he’s got a chainsaw hanging off his belt.


Yeah…crazy. IMG_5698

You have to look kind of hard to find him up there, but he’s in there!


I was amazed at how precise they were about cutting the trees down. I mean, they cut them so perfectly that not one piece touched my fence or deck or anything. It was really pretty awesome. And I could feel the thud from the tree trunks hitting the ground all the way at the other end of my house. Unfortunately I didn’t have the foresight to go out and take pictures before the trees were cut, but I did go out and take some after they were gone.


As you can see, we still have a ton of work to do, but we are starting to see major progress. We’re envisioning a big fire pit, some new trees, maybe a flower garden, and who knows what else.

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