Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Rhythm of Morning

This is a good idea of how I start my morning.


Up sometime between 5 and 6am. Say goodbye to my husband as he heads out to work. (Sometimes with a smile and open eyes; sometimes not.) Empty dishwasher, clean up whatever was left from night before that didn’t make it into the dishwasher, finish putting Landon’s lunch together, get Harper’s bottles ready for the day. Run upstairs to change myself and Harper, brush my teeth, attempt to swipe Harpers teeth without getting bit, make my bed, start laundry, pray dryer is empty from day before. Wish my daughter a good day at school on her way out the door.

Landon has his morning jobs to do too. He gets up to his own alarm, makes his bed, brushes his teeth, gets dressed and then heads downstairs. Once he gets down to the kitchen he has to take his allergy meds, then he feeds the dog and refills her water dish with fresh water. After all that he eats his breakfast and then usually watches a little T.V before heading to the bus.


While Landon and I are both busy, Harper is usually entertaining himself. He used to sit in his swing, or even one of his activity seats, but now he’s crawling around and getting into anything within reach. He’s also pulling himself up on anything available and falling back on his butt…over and over and over again.


Why am I blogging about this? Because my mundane morning of today is completely different from my mundane morning of just a few months ago…and I don’t want to forget the beautiful rhythm of right now.

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Tony said...

What about Tea, nothing about Tea? BTW, Thanks for the coffee this morning! De lish.

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