Sunday, May 29, 2011

Well, Hello There

Harper is only 9 months old, but this seems like it happened so incredibly long ago!


I’ll never forget how excited the kids were to get to come to the hospital to meet Harper. They were staying with their Mema and she got them up to the hospital around 11am or so. They were both hesitant to hold him because he just seemed so tiny and fragile, but I was finally able to convince both of them to give it a try. Their faces showed how proud they were to be holding such a sweet little baby, their new brother. They both pointed out all the things they noticed about him; his eyes, his little nose, his funny baby faces, and Zoe even noticed his dimples right away, like Tony and I had.

I think that they all share a really special bond, and Harper is extremely fortunate to have these two older siblings who love him very much.

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