Thursday, June 2, 2011

Final Band Concert


Last night was Landon’s final band performance of the year. It will most likely be his final band performance ever since he doesn’t care for playing the trumpet, but only time will tell.

The concert began at 7pm, and the strings got to play their songs first. While the strings played, we sweated our butts off in the packed cafeteria. It must have been 95 degrees in there, and when you add in carrying Harper on your hip and walking up and down the aisles 5000 times, I was a hot mess. Literally.

I was so glad when the band took the stage and I was surprised how much better they sounded since the first concert. Landon NEVER practices at home and he wasn’t feeling very confident about his performance, so lucky for him, he was in the far back corner where no one could see him! The concert was really nice, but like I said before, it will likely be our last…unless Harper goes to school and decides he wants to play an instrument!


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