Friday, June 10, 2011


This is what happens when I use the flash on my camera.


I get this little one’s complete attention. (Please ignore the messy lunch face.)


I hate that the one above is blurry! That’s his new thing…sticking his tongue out. It just pops out whenever he’s thinking of being naughty or when he’s concentrating, or no longer thinking about being naughty but being naughty, or even when he’s being a little shy. It’s cute and so him right now.


The flash is so cool! It just makes him want to scream out loud and kick his little feet!


He wanted to get a closer look, so he made his way up my legs as close as he could get.


And then the flash went off and he was back to squealing and kicking his feet. (Please ignore the messy face and the hair…it was just one of those days.)

1 comment:

Carmen O. said...

Love the pix! Who cares about the messy face or hair, with such great pix. :)

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