Thursday, June 23, 2011

Frisbee Fail


Yesterday Zoe was dying of boredom so when one of her friends from the neighborhood asked her if she wanted to go hang out at the pool, she couldn’t get out of here fast enough.

When she came back home after what seemed a short time, I could tell something had happened, but of course I had no idea what. She just had this look on her face…

When she and Eric went down to the pool another friend of theirs joined them, and he brought a Frisbee. Zoe took a spot on one side of the pool and the friend took a spot opposite her. Zoe got the Frisbee and threw it, but somehow she completely missed her mark and hit a woman in the face with it instead! The woman hadn’t been looking their direction, so it hit her dead in the face, and Zoe nearly melted in a puddle of embarrassment. She said she went over and apologized a million times to the lady and the woman told her it was ok and that she wasn’t hurt. I guess Zoe was just too embarrassed to stay at the pool though, so she grabbed her stuff and came home!

The worst part of the whole thing though, was that while Zoe was apologizing and feeling badly about what happened, she was also laughing her butt off. You know how when you do something embarrassing or just plain stupid you’ll sometimes do that nervous laughing thing…well, that was her; laughing her butt off right in front of the lady she zinged with a Frisbee.

At first, when she told me the story, I didn’t think it was funny and I was worried about the lady she hit in the face…but after it all sunk in, I must have laughed for nearly 20 minutes about it. I can just imagine the scenario, and I am so thankful I wasn’t there to witness it!

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Amanda said...

Aw! Poor Zoe! It was an accident but too funny!

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