Thursday, July 7, 2011

Our Trip to SC

I am so far behind on blogging, I don’t even know where to begin. I had planned to blog nightly from my parents house, but we were so busy that I just never got around to it.

We had been dreading the drive down to my parents for as long as we had been planning the trip, but little did we know we had been dreading it for the wrong reason. Harper doesn’t like to ride in the car, so we thought he’d probably cry and be miserable the whole way down, but he pleasantly surprised us with a very mellow attitude and very little crying. Once or twice Zoe and I had to swap seats so that I could take over a cranky baby, but other than that it was smooth sailing with him…and if the traffic hadn’t been awful all the way down we probably could have made it to their house in 8 hours easy. But, traffic was indeed awful, and 10 hours after leaving MD, we made it to SC.

That first night we didn’t do much, just unpacked (threw everything from the car into the house) got the grand tour of the new digs (and grand it is!) and dug into a spaghetti dinner (yum!). Harper was passed from doting adult to doting adult and all was well. Harper didn’t sleep worth a crap that night though, and Tony and I took turns getting up with him almost every single hour.

The next morning we were a bit tired, but we were so happy to be on vacation, we decided not to let it bug us too much. We pretty much hung out at the house that day and relaxed…you know, like you’re supposed to do on vacation!

Mom and Harper playing ball outside.


Swinging in the hammock.



Late in the afternoon we all headed down to the dock so that Papa could show us his little boat. The kids took turns riding with Papa and I got some great shots while we waited.

Tish and Harper getting to know one another.


Papa and Jaron heading out on the boat. Jaron went out with Papa first so that Papa could show him all he needed to know in order to give all the other kids rides. Smart Papa.


Tony and Landon.


Tony and Zoe.


Zoe and Papa.


Zoe and I. 


Me and Landon.


Me and the two big kids.


Me and the hubs.


I’m not sure there is any other setting more flattering than water. I mean, we didn’t have to try at all! We just smiled and nature made us look beautiful!!

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