Sunday, June 5, 2011

Learning to Fly

We had a bird make a nest under our deck. She laid eggs, babies hatched and before we knew it, they were gone. Last week Landon and I made a quick stop in Michaels and whenever we go in there he always wants to get a bird feeder or house to paint. After telling him I wasn’t going to get a new bird house a million times, the following conversation took place.

Landon: When baby birds learn to fly, do they stay with their mom and fly around with her?

Me: Nope. When they learn to fly, they’re on their own.

Landon: Oh man, I could never do that! I’d miss my mama too much.

After he said that he leaned over and gave me a hug…and I melted.

I know he’s a mama’s boy and all that, but I also know that in another few years he won’t feel that way about me because there will be some cute girl he’s more interested in.

So, I’m just writing this down so that I can remember how sweet he was at 9 years old.

And, man is he sweet.

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