Saturday, June 4, 2011

Party at the Vranish House

This afternoon we spent some time over at my brother-in-laws house. They were celebrating Laurens 13th birthday and invited us over to swim and barbecue and just hang out. I’m too tired to write details, so the story of today will be short.

This big girl was so happy to be running around outside!


Landon couldn’t get up in this hammock by himself, so Uncle Chris gave him a hand.


Here’s the birthday girl!


After such hot weather last weekend, the cooler temps this week were a shock! That pool water was cold, and the breeze certainly didn’t help! Surprisingly, Harper didn’t seem to mind one way or the other.


Travis just wanted to dive in and get it over with…


The kids. Freezing their butts off.


Harper climbing Mount Zoe.


Uncle Tony talking to Lea.


Harper fell over and just stayed where he was and Lea decided to join him…they are so stinking cute!


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