Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Harper had a ton of hair when he was born. Dark black hair that was so long when he was born it was the first thing anyone who saw him commented on. Zoe and Landon also had quite a bit of hair at birth, but Harper had the most by far. Unfortunately with all that hair was also a little cradle cap, or cradle crap as we like to call it.

As you all know, babies can’t have their first “bath” until the umbilical cord falls off, but that didn’t mean I had to wait to wash that little guys hair! I just had Tony cradle him over the kitchen sink while I gently scrubbed that cradle cap right out of his hair!


As you can see from the picture, he didn’t seem to mind. I can’t believe how tiny he looks. If any one picture sells me on having another baby, that would be the one…not that it would be too hard to convince me or anything, but that picture just melts me.

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