Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer Break is Finally Here!

Today was the kids’ last day of school. Zoe finished 11th grade and Landon finished 4th.

I didn’t get to see Zoe this morning before she left because a little miracle occurred (Harper was still sleeping) so I didn’t get a picture of her before school, but I did grab one before she headed out the door for her IB beach party.



It’s easier to get pictures of Landon since I still walk him down to the bus stop in the morning, but he was a little embarrassed that I was taking pictures.

Here he is getting on the bus a 4th grader:



And here he is returning home as a 5th grader:



Every year I have such mixed emotions when it comes to the kids passing another grade level. Part of me is super proud to have such smart kids who do their best in school, and part of me wants to squish them and put them in my pocket and stop all the clocks because it’s all going by so quickly. And I’m just not ready.

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