Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Bright Spot

Getting ready for my sisters wedding was anything but relaxing. Beginning on Thursday my mom and I ran around so much that we didn’t know if we were coming or going half the time. We had lists and lists of things to do and remember, and as I’ve mentioned before, nothing is close to the house or the venue in which the reception was being held, so it was a lot of running back and forth.


One of the bright spots though was when the four of us got to sit for a couple blissful hours in a salon getting our nails done. My mom wanted us to all have french manicures, so that’s what we did. Tisha got her her fingernails done too, but the rest of us just got pedicures because why bother with a manicure when you’re going to be working your asses off? Who needs a chipped manicure? Tisha needed to be a little more pampered anyways, and it was her hands that were going to be photographed, not ours!


I wish this last picture hadn’t been blurry because it just cracks me up! Don’t  you just hate when you’re getting a pedicure and they hit a ticklish spot? Poor Zoe was dying laughing and so afraid she was going to kick the lady in the head; it was pretty funny to watch!


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