Monday, July 11, 2011

Edventure, SC

Last Wednesday there wasn’t a whole lot going on at the house, so Tony and I packed the kids up and we headed out to Edventure. It’s a really nice children’s museum located in Columbia, SC and since we’ve been there before we knew it was great. We got really lucky when we got there because there was a woman who had purchased tickets Groupon and she realized that she wasn’t going to be able to use them all so she handed us a pass for 4 people…free! There was no charge for Harper anyways, so we ended up getting in at no cost! It was quite a deal, and it just meant I could splurge a little more than I normally would have in the gift shop. Win-win!

When you first walk in there is this giant boy sitting in the main area; his name is Eddie. This is what he looks like from the main floor:


On the front side all is normal, but when you go around to the back there are stairways leading into all the different parts of his body. There are all different areas to explore and there is just a ton the kids learn about the mechanics of the body…it’s pretty awesome.

Here’s a second story view of Eddie:


There are lots of different learning areas and there is something fun for every age; Zoe wasn’t even too bored, or at least a really good sport!

Powering the “Flycycle”


Rock Wall Climbing


Sorting foods onto the Food Pyramid


Milking a cow


There is even a nice little play area for babies…Harper thoroughly enjoyed climbing around in the soft toy pit and knocking over my block towers!


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