Thursday, August 11, 2011

Keeping Cool

Playing out in the sprinklers is something little Harper looks forward to doing every afternoon nowadays. I’ve been making sure he gets plenty of time outside so that he’s ready for bed around 7:30pm, and water play seems to wear him out. I can’t imagine what that little guy must be thinking half the time with all the things we do on a daily basis. I mean, everything that is just “normal” for us is new to him, and life must seem like such an adventure all the time! 

I hooked up the hose to his water play mat the other day and this time he really enjoyed it. Last time he spent the entire time trying to escape, but this time he happily sat and played with the water squirting him and the few toys I brought out.

As you can see by his facial expression, the water was a little chilly, but still fun to play in.


He kept trying to get sips of water but it was pretty much just spraying him in the face.


It didn’t take him long to realize that if he wanted a drink he was going to have to get one from his sippy cup!


Here he is enjoying a popsicle…and falling off the back of the mat all at the same time.


And, when he’s done sitting there getting sprayed, he just hops up and takes off with his popsicle! No more waiting for me to help him!



1 comment:

Carmen O. said...

What a cute way for a little one to keep cool. They sure come up with some great ideas. He sure is getting big. Love the sunglasses!

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