Friday, August 12, 2011

Sweet Baby

These pictures were taken on August 14, 2010.


That Saturday we had to bring the little guy in for a quick check-up with his doctor since we were already home from the hospital. I cannot get over how tiny he was in his car seat! (We just recently bought him a new car seat because he got too tall for the one you see above.) I just love the picture of Tony holding him too. You can see how proud he is to be that little sweethearts daddy. And the photo of him lying on the exam table just reminds me of how small he was, and how hard it was to wake him up sometimes! We undressed him to try to wake him up, but he hardly budged. And just look at that jet black hair!!!

PS. You can’t really tell here, but he’s wearing an adorable little outfit that has frogs on it, which is why I’ve included the frogs on the page…in case you’re wondering! :)

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