Tuesday, August 30, 2011

License to Drive


Today was a day that Zoe has been looking forward to for a long time. Today was her appointment at the MVA for her driving exam. For real. Her appointment was at 3:20pm but we got there pretty early (which was a good thing since there was a few papers we had to fill out) and she was a nervous wreck waiting her turn. After all the paperwork was filled out, we headed outside to wait in line for the exam.

As we were sitting in the car waiting for her exam to begin, we were watching a bunch of other kids take their tests. A few failed, one passed…it certainly didn’t help Zoe’s nerves to see those kids fail, but I did my best to reassure her that she’d be fine.

Once the instructor came over, I wished her luck and hopped out of the car. They ran a safety check before the test and the first stop was parallel parking. Girlfriend parallel parked that car like it was her job! Next up was a two point turn (basically backing into a parking spot) and again, she aced it. The final part of the exam was going out on the nearby streets and showing off her skills. I knew she had passed the second I saw her face. There was no denying that look of self satisfaction and excitement!

I’m very proud of her, yet it’s just another foot out the door, so it’s kind of sad too. I have to say though, that in all of her driving time, I’ve never seen her drive more confidently than on the way home from her test. Now, I just need her to stay safe. And, once she does start driving on her own, I don’t know how I’ll ever sleep when she’s out of the house.

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Tony said...

We could still try locking her in the basement. She'll be safe there.

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